Promise Me Always by Rhonda Shaw | BOOK REVIEW


I just read my first five-star rating book for this year.

There are stories I skip words, phrases, sentences, or an entire paragraph; not this one. I read every word in this book and went back to some a couple of times. I even re-read the entire book the night after. I have other books in my list that needs to be read but I’m thinking of re-reading it again tonight hahaha

Chapters of the book alternate on the present day and the past. In each chapter, sections are divided between Gabrielle and Danny’s perspective. A present-day chapter is continued in a related flashback chapter. I have read books with flashbacks, I appreciate this writing style in this one because of the seamless flow of each chapter to the next, each chapter is relevant from the chapter it followed.

It has a common storyline similar to most romance books, the couple getting separated and a child suddenly joining the picture. Despite that, the story which evolves surrounding this plot is an uncommon occurrence in this genre. It is not afraid to show a dark side of life’s realities. Plus, we are presented with a couple who’s not rich, thank goodness. Some books have this rags-to-riches characters but they always start when the characters are already rich and just mentions their roots in passing. Here, we experience Gabrielle and Danny’s lives from six years ago to now.

Without fail, I think highly of stories who has relevant sub-characters, sub-characters who has reasonable screen time. It goes without saying, I only have praises for this book. I recommend this to everyone who likes reading contemporary. Just contemporary. It does not matter if you’re a non-romance reader because it is more than that.


RELEASE DATE: February 26, 2018

LINKS: Promise Me Always by Rhonda Shaw is available on Amazon | Kobo

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to NetGalley for delivering a digital galley | Rhonda Shaw for approving my request to read an advance copy of this title.

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