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{{M.A. candidate ☆ Cultural Heritage Practitioner ☆ Fair Trade Supporter ☆ TV Series Enthusiast ☆ Mental Health Awareness Advocate}}

I’m an old crazy book lady born and raised in The Philippines. Of French descent on my Dad’s family, hence the surname, and of Spanish descent from my Mum’s, hence the middle name.

I used to teach A1/A2 Spanish for tertiary students, full-time. And translate French documents into English on the side.

My voracious reading of literature started before I even learned how to read. Picture books and my parents’ bedtime storytelling was my first reading experience. Then I learned how to read and write, and the rest was history.

Aware of my love for reading, one of my colleagues suggested I should write book reviews. My friends ask for my book recommendations; I realized, why not share it with a wider audience?

I do not earn or gain money from this, it’s a quid pro quo arrangement. I am glad to help writers in any way I can, mostly thru book vlogging/blogging. I especially take pleasure in working with independent or small publishers. That being so, you will mostly hear underrated books from me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mainstream book; just the same, it’s about time readers read from new voices.

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Regular BOOK REVIEWER for:
1. NetGalley (Massachusetts, USA)
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1. Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam Series by Elizabetta Holcomb (USA)
2. Sherbrooke Station Series by Katia Rose (Canada)
3. Stewards of the Plane Series by Shannon Wendtland (USA)

1. Elizabetta Holcomb ARC Team (South Louisiana, USA)
2. Kimberly Loth Launch Team (Cairo, Egypt)

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