Review Policy

Looking for a BOOK REVIEWER to help promote your newest book?

I enjoy reading most fiction genres:

  • romance – action, contemporary, dark (mostly in e-books because they’re more accessible in this format)
  • fiction – fantasy, science fiction, time travel (strictly in audiobook format because I’m weird that way)
  • young adult, new adult, adult (generally in physical copies because come on, nowadays it’s this genre that gets traditionally published so what can I do)

I specifically love to read fiction books about:

  • mental illness, personality or behavior disorder
  • domestic violence, human rights, social issues
  • taboos, heavy topics, dark-themes

I do not accept review requests for:

  • horror, mysteries, thrillers
  • nonfiction

I appreciate receiving physical copies of books. But I live in Southeast Asia, I understand the cost, so I accept e-ARCs. Generally, I take review requests from literary agents and publishers. But we all know a good pitch goes a long way.

To submit your BOOK REVIEW REQUEST, please email me with the following:
~ Book title & synopsis
~ Book cover in HD quality & in any image format
Make sure to read my Review Policy before sending a request. I peruse every request carefully to make sure it fits my reading preference.

Are you in need of a BETA READER?

Send me a message. Let’s talk about it. I am not an author, I am a writer. I like helping authors by sharing my input through a reader’s perspective.

Accepting your review request and receiving a free book does not mean I will write a “boost your ego” review. I write about the things I enjoy and did not like about a book. I write an honest book review. All my thoughts and opinions are not tainted by the reviews made by others, I read them after I have posted my own.

Book reviews posted on this blog are simultaneously posted across all of my other social media accounts.

You may reach me on any of my social media accounts but sending an email is highly encouraged. You may also reach me through the Contact Page of this blog. I respond within 24 hours.

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